Peach silk bic gel 30ml

210,00 kr.

Soft peach color gel, with silk fibers, 30ml

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Soft peach color gel,
soft consistency with silk fibers inside, which improves the excellent adhesion to the natural nail plate.
Recommended for extremely problematic, thin, damaged, peeling nails.
Perfectly self-levels on the surface and does not run or leak into the edges and cuticles.
Economical and convenient at work.
Does not emit heat during polymerization – does not get hot.
Strong, perfectly holds the arches and shape after polymerization.
Elastic, compressible during polymerization.
Suitable for forming and covering the entire nail, covering molded designs, quick corrections.
It does not change color after polymerization, remains extremely transparent, and at the same time will highlight your design even more.
Suitable for all nail types and lengths.
Has strong adhesion to the natural nail plate.
Requires dehydrator, super bond and base coat.
Polymerization: UV 2min. / LED 60sec. CCFL / HYBRID 90 sec.

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