Super strong clear modeling gel 30ml

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Transparent gel with a thick consistency 30ml

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A transparent gel with a thick consistency, simulating jelly, is easy to handle and shape, as it has thixotropic properties. At the same time, the “one drop without filing” technique allows it to be distributed with minimal thickness on the natural nail plate.
Perfectly self-levels on the surface and does not run or leak into the edges and cuticles.
Economical and convenient for manicurists who want to work quickly, because the gel will not change its shape if you apply the material to all four nails at the same time.
Strong, perfectly holds the arches and shape after polymerization.
Elastic, presses during polymerization.
Suitable for shaping and covering the whole nail, covering molded designs, quick corrections.
It does not change color after polymerization, remains extremely transparent and will highlight your design even more brightly.
Has strong adhesion to the natural nail plate.
Suitable for all nail types and lengths.
Requires dehydrator, super bond and base coat.
Polymerization: UV 2min. / LED 60 sec. CCFL / HYBRID 90 sec.

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