About Lalita


Hello, I’m Lalita, a skilled nail designer with 15 years of passion for creating beautiful nail art. Originally from Ukraine, I’ve recently brought my creativity to Denmark. As I settle in and learn English and Danish, my amazing clients have been incredibly supportive.

I love connecting with clients on a personal level through my nail designs. Each piece reflects the unique beauty of the individual wearing it. If you’re looking for special and unique nail designs, I’m here for you. Let me add a touch of Ukrainian charm to your nails. Thanks for welcoming me into your community – I can’t wait to bring creativity and beauty to your fingertips!

My Mission

“To me, nails are my canvas for artistic expression. With every stroke and carefully chosen colour, I aim to create personalized masterpieces that capture the unique beauty and style of each client, making their nails a reflection of their individuality.”

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Step into Lolita’s world of manicure magic, where every nail session is like a mini-celebration of your unique style and personality. From classic polishes to trendy nail art, it’s not just about grooming – it’s a friendly, creative experience tailored just for you!

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