Polygel cover no 02, 30ml


Polygel cover no 02, 30ml

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A hybrid of gel and akryl product 30ml

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• Gel-acrylic product – a hybrid that combines both into one offer for the future solution.
• Forms perfectly, covers both with a thin layer, and also keeps the height and shape perfectly, modeling the line of a French smile and performing complex correction – raising the free edge of the nail upwards.
• Masking polygels are perfect for shaping the entire nail, complex and fast corrections.
• Does not require a special liquid, as it forms perfectly when the brush is dipped in hand sanitizer or dehydrator. The material does not like a wet brush and the pressure of the brush on the surface of the materials.
• Easy to handle, control and shape, stays in place, does not leak.
• Easily distributed on the surface of the natural nail plate using the “one drop without filing” technique, as the structure of the material allows it to be covered very precisely.
• Strong, perfectly holds its shapes, heights and arch after polymerization.
• Suitable for all nail types and lengths.
• Mechanically very resistant.
• Economical and convenient at work for masters who want to work quickly, because the polygel will not change its shape if you apply the material to the surface of all four nails at the same time.
• Has strong adhesion to the natural nail plate.
• Filing soft,
• Does not heat up during polymerization.
• Requires dehydrator, super bond and base coat.

Polymerization UV 2min. / LED 60 sec. CCFL / HYBRID 90 sec.


30, 50

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Polygel cover no 02, 30ml
160,00 kr.

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