Flash thixotropic gele no1 30ml

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Masking, containing many small light-reflecting shiny particles, 30ml

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• Medium viscosity, self-levelling gel.
• Masking, containing many small light-reflecting shiny particles.
• Easy to handle, control and shape, and when the brush is retracted, it stays in place without leaking.
• Soft, easy to spread on the surface of the natural nail plate using the “one drop no filing” technique.
• Perfectly self-levels on the surface.
• Does not leak, does not run to the edges and cuticles.
• Economical and convenient at work.
• Strong, perfectly retains the arch and shape after polymerization.
• Elastic, compressible during polymerization.
• Suitable for shaping the entire nail and quick corrections.
• Suitable for all nail types and nail lengths.
• Has strong adhesion to the natural nail plate.
• Requires dehydrator (or special liquid), primer and extension gel base.
Polymerization: UV 2 min. / LED 60 sec. CCFL / HYBRID 90 sec.

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