Rubber base CANDY 9

130,00 kr.

Rubber base with shimmer 15 ml

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• Highly pigmented, colored base with glitter.
• Thick consistency.
• The base is characterized by elasticity, good cushioning, and strength.
• Nails coated with this base have excellent adhesion to the natural nail plate.
• Perfectly self-leveling, fills all unevenness of the nail, does not run into the cuticles.
• Thanks to its elasticity, it strengthens the nail plate and protects it from breakage.
• Before covering the base with color, it is recommended to apply the first layer, a thin layer of “Super strong” or “Flexy” transparent base, to polymerize the LED –
60 sec. due to better adhesion – adhesion, stronger wearing.
Polymerization: LED – 60 sec., UV – 120 sec., CCFL – 60 sec.